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Who am I kidding? This place is a prison and we’re all cell mates This place is no different from the one they hate I spend my nights scrubbing off the scents of the damned I count the years gone by for each line inside my hand I owe my life to this town and all the friends I’ve found What goes around doesn’t come around enough for the rest of you fucks Well yeah this place is grand…but god damn I know the secrets you won’t believe it Don’t let me catch you running your mouth again I hear the bigots you won’t believe it Don’t let me catch you running your mouth again It’s been a long time coming around We’ve been wronged time and time again I mean what year is it that you can think out loud and expect to not get hit in the mouth?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a violent man at all But you’d think that we’d be better and you’d think that we’d evolve Who am I kidding?
If you’re a product of your environment then I’m a victim of circumstance Seeking circumstantial evidence, I rest my case for consequence Just who am I?
Who am I kidding? What more can I say?
I’m so…
When will we wake up and finally catch up to the rest of the world?
Pack your things we’re going home
Pack your things I hear them now…
“Homewrecker! Homewrecker!
This was a beautiful place
Return its former grace!
Think you can do better Homewrecker?
I see the look on your face; you think you’re better than me?
Don’t turn your back on me…”


from Homewrecker, released August 14, 2012



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