by The Teeth

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Recorded, Mastered & Produced By: Doug White at Watchmen Studios November 2010/March 2011


released March 18, 2011



all rights reserved


The Teeth Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Color Commentary
Color Commentary

God damn, This is exciting
I was expecting a show
But a train wreck is so inviting
This is sick, She might have taken that turn a little too quick
It kinda feels like you’re falling down the steps
End over end, Watch your head!
Oh no no!
She stumbles around and is spinning right out of control
Don’t stop now!
Let your ass hang out trying to cash a check you wrote with your mouth
Oh my my! Oh hell yes!
Trying to use that body to make you somebody tonight
Hey girl Hey!
As far as she can tell she’s been doing it and doing it well
Wow, zombies do exist
I didn’t know they wore stilettos with a shitty dress
God damn, This is hysterical
And at the same time so stereotypical
Way to prove
What happens to everyone, happens more to you.
Track Name: Hang It Up
Hang It Up

Well here we are at a dead end
How do we begin? If even at all
How do you pick yourself back up from this fall?
They will chew you up and spit you out
When they get a taste of that new sound
I was running out of rope, that I was saving to hang myself
You know that I’m a mess, But I’m cleaning up so well…
They say that we’re dead
Can you be the bigger man?
Hang it up or hang your head
They say that we’re dead
But I’ve got a solution, and we’ll be home before the revolution
Oh look what you did, look what your started
You’ve got the whole town talking
And now they eat it up, out of my hand
We reinvented the second chance
I’ve got no business starting a family
When I’m busy starting a revolution
I’ll be the first to point that finger
I’ll be the last one to take any blame
I’m keeping a smile
While we crawl for miles with nothing to laugh about
And when they etch my name at the site of my grave it’ll say
“Here lies a man,
Who needed the rope taken out of his hands.”
Track Name: Bath Assault
Bath Assault

Well as I search for the words to say
I just might have to hold my breath
I'm still the same
There's just some parts I try to forget
The chagrin that I've been
It felt more like a gift than a sin
In the past
I've been here before and I'm not sure I'm going back
If I'm mad throw me overboard
Or kill me where I stand
I wake, the ship sank
Smooth sailing, and now I've got to walk the plank
Betrayed, I've been had
I took the bait and now I've got a knife in my back
I'm seeing red through a grim reflection
Might get another gin right now
Let’s just get down to it
It wasn't supposed to end like this
I leaned in close, tried to steal it with a kiss
Then she said, "You're so sad. I need you like a hole in the head."
"Well if you wanted to see me stop, you should have went ahead and called my bluff
But now I'll never stop. Matter of fact you know what?...Call the cops."
It's been through hell
And there is a tale to tell
I've made my bed
I'll lay in it, We'll lie in it
If we had sense, then we would have jumped the ship
But I made my bed
I'll lay in it, I'll lie in it.
Well If I wait for the world to change my last breath will have caused my death
In this bed and I won't be coming back.
Track Name: The New Disease
We’ve got a new disease
We’re spreading an infection
Ignore the warning signs and please
If you’re ready to listen
To all my friends who had a plan
But it’s not what you had
In mind and you wanted to try again
Remove the thought from your head
Where I’ve been
I’ve felt broken and I’ve felt dead
Believe the claims that it never had to be that way
And you can feel it inside your chest
It pumps your lungs till you lose your breath
The atrophy never made your heart waste away
If you can keep it together for me
Then we might make it out okay
Fast times…and we’re doing just fine
Facing facts, we’re all a mess
And we’re as good as it gets
Spending money and drowning in debt
But we’ve got no regrets
This flame will only burn out instead of fade
If you don’t stop, you will never be alone at the top
Don’t ever hold out or bite your tongue
Keep it together for me and we might make it out okay
All of these people ask questions
Your families want answers
But do they even care?
Oh we’ll fight but won’t fight fair
We won’t back down
We will not submit
We’ve been fucking around
And we’re sick of it
Well I’ve got some advice
That you can take wherever you go
All the things that you love
They will die and leave you empty, and alone
Run, before the exits close
Crawl up to the edge of the world
Deep breath, cause I need you
To load up and fire the weapon inside of you.
Track Name: Blastphemy Beat
BLASTphemy Beats

Good evening lovely ladies and gentleman!
Your attention to the stage
We have a group that needs saved
You’ve got to see it to believe it!
I see the circus freaks
They’re record is on repeat, and they’re masking their intent
They’ve got the devil inside them
And the music’s got no soul!
The power of Christ compels you in droves
You think that you liberate but I think you’re on the prowl
The power of Christ gives you the gall
What gives you the impression that we needed saved at all?
When the words are in my head
It’s like a matchstick to a lamp
That I’ll burn until I’m dead
I’m only living for the feeling
And when I know your true intent
You fucking make me sick
In the name of the father, what have you done?
I smell a moneymaker on the edge of the devil’s tongue
In the name of the father, what have you done?
I’ve done my share of saving but you can’t save everyone
Forgive me father for I have sinned
But you bet your ass that this is my last confession
Give me the truth
At least I know I’m blessed
I really think it would be best
If the messenger was dead
I probably wouldn’t hate the message
A new gospel on my hands
Everybody say it
“We are the wicked put our hands around your neck
We’ve got the rhythm
Let the music make us dance until we’re dead.”
On the count of 3
I want the room to travel through me
1. 2. 3….
Track Name: Mr. President
Mr. President

I had a decade long to figure out how I would say
I earned my two degrees then took the time to throw it away
I'm not complaining and I don't feel like a disgrace
I don't owe you anything, I wish you could see your face
I spent a year or two just cleaning up the mess that I made
Things steady after a while then I just rinse and repeat
Will I bail before the engines fail?
I'll pack my bags, I can't be reasoned with
I know what you're thinking, "I can't hear anymore."
Let it be a lesson, You get what you pay for
This town, It put taste in my mouth
If it's poison, no sense in spitting it out
It may sound like I've been making all the wrong choices
It's not that bad
I'm broke as shit.
This is one hell of a way to live
I made a sacrifice, it might end up ruining my life
But I feel alive
Think of me when you wear that shirt and tie
I spent a year or two just cleaning up the mess that I made
Things steady after a while then I just rinse and repeat
We've had to crawl, roll with the punches ready to go
You need to know what to expect if you want to grow
Forget regret
I've lived it once, I'd do it again
No family, No friends
A broken heart is all you get
The odds are set
We're betting blind all over again
If you've got the chips, place your fucking bets...
This town it put a taste in my mouth
If it's poison, go on and swallow it down
Poison...swallow it down.
Track Name: Heavy Is The Crown
Heavy Is The Crown

Help is what you seek
Your king makes promises he never meant to keep
Tonight we end what shouldn't have started
We feed the hungry eyes who are starving
Freedom is at stake
And make no mistake
Tonight we ride
Tonight we dine
Silver plate, His head
We come to take the crown
Crumble the gates to the ground
I'll have their blood on my hands
Castle to sand, will leave them feeling buried alive
This land, was run by the damned
They'll dig their graves
We'll leave them hang or buried alive
Tonight we march my soldiers
Onward! Onward!
Help! Cries of the weak
It wouldn't take a real man to kill you in your sleep
Hear that sound?
It's the hundreds that surround
They came all this way, and they want to see the king
You don't have to explain
They only came for one thing; we only came for one thing
Bring out the dead
Tonight we tread
Bring out the dead
His majesty has fled
He won't get far
Hunt him down
Like a dog
Release the hounds
Onward! To victory
His head,
They come to watch you fall,
Brick by brick and wall by wall
Your kingdom turned to sand
It's slipping through your hands
They have been waiting
How they've been waiting
Yes, the king is finally dead
You only wanted change
You've been waiting for forever
And It never came
He bore the mark of shame
They're chanting my name
You've been waiting for forever
Now I am your king
Vicious pain
To live with these decisions
In a land fit for a king
Heavy is the crown
Hear the sounds
They've been waiting for forever
Now I am their King.