by The Teeth



Recorded & Mastered By: Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland At Atrium Audio April 2012


released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


The Teeth Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Wind Up
I keep my head up to carry the scorn
I keep my calm as I’m riding the storm
We’ve been low and yet we still get down I wind my heart up preparing to burst Don’t look behind me to see what I’ve burned We get old but who’s to say that it’s true?
I had to placate the monument
And take shit to throw my hat in the ring Sidestepping rags to rag-less Hip-hop and metal badges Dead dreams on dead eyelashes We’ve been low and still we get down We’ll get you wound up before this is through I’ve got the keys I’m turning the screw Where will I wind up when all this is through?
We’ll get you wound up before this is through I’ve got nothing but time on my hands So if I could have said it better then…fuck it I’ve got the dreams to flood a wishing well But no change to keep my wishes well When time is money, only time will tell All these dreams have died and now they’ve gone to hell “Someday you’ll run out of steam,” they say That day is not today.
We’ll get you wound up before this is through Where will I wind up when all this is through?
Track Name: Bulletproof
Be strong the night is young and the sun hasn’t set It’s my time and my patience are wearing thin Dead wrong in the end they’ll just move along High time, my time to shine is now There is a method in madness Up in their faces, I’m dodging bullets that are made of spit Harsh times have fallen on the gracious, remaining faceless I’ve got a hunger and it just won’t quit My heart works faster than my head and it can’t let my body stop My words forever in your head and they can’t let my body rot The more that I get old, the less I feel I’ve given up The more my words get cold, the more that the crowd starts warming up You better pray I find my way tonight Keep calm and stay home with the lights on You better pray I find my way tonight What started innocent to me, turned itself into a monster And tried to make a man out of me I’m old enough to know better but too young to care It seems fair, it seems fitting I swear by the dollars invested in me I’ve been working with nothing and still came out clean I’ll set the world on fire, make the cities brighter If that’s what they truly desire Have faith, I’ll find my way alright
Track Name: Son Of The Bronx
I was born a Son of the Bronx, a dark navy hat with no sox Packed up and moved to Cliffside Park, on to Weehawken then to the boondocks My father said “We’re cursed with memory,” but I’m having a tough time remembering Who I am and how I came to be The rise and fall of the picture family I suspect they were happy once I admit I haven’t been home in months I expect there was another plan Ashes to ashtray, Dust to dustpan But now that I’m back to life, how will I ever be the same again?
Now I walk as a ghost through a haunted house, like nothing happened Where did everyone go?
How long have I been asleep?
An unwelcomed guest in my own home
How long have I been asleep?
May you never be forgiven for what you’ve done here I will forever haunt your table breathing curses in your ear I was once a Son of the Bronx, and now I’m used to living under a rock They packed my memory into a box and then buried it out in the boondocks My father said “We’re cursed with memory,” but I’m having a tough time remembering Who I was and how I came to be Ashes to ashtray, Dust to dustpan There were skeletons that we hid in the closet from the living and the present You chose residence and it seemed to apposite You are not welcome here my darling, my dear There is nothing to fear…except me I’ll haunt you for the rest of your days, should you choose to stay You are not welcome here
Track Name: Kiss Of Death
Here I lay impatiently freezing, waiting for death to arrive And its days like these I could swear I have seen him glance at me, walk by and I cry “What are you searching for? What have you come here to do?”
Then I knew…it hits me
You wouldn’t believe me that caffeine just puts me to sleep But it stirs my dreams of death rattles and open water Wake up. Where do you think you can go?
I had it all and still I have nothing to show I keep my hand close to my chest, in defense and control I’ve been losing my breath but finding my head by learning things that can’t be taught or told Now I wash my hands of it, Sleepwalker, lead me to your “death”
Then he appears and that’s like him.
Just when you’ve figured it out. I shout Get back Keep your hands off of me There’s unfinished business that you’ll come to witness Not today, I’m dying in my sleep It’s my own to keep Believe it or not, I cleared the knot in my throat Say it isn’t so This voice is my own, the same one they’ve known and they hate me for proving them wrong Yet what you’ve become is no different than where you came from I never stopped believing that this life was worth leading Yet the way you’re perceiving me, with noses up and eyes looking down Smothered when I’m around Keep my name in your thoughts and out of your mouth I’ll be the first to say I did this to myself Here I lay patiently breathing finally feeling alive And its days like these I swear the music will kill me but without it I would have died Get back I feel the hands of death come up around my neck And before it goes black I feel the kiss of death and I kiss it right back
Track Name: Undead Horse
Play it again, some of your older tracks where you sing so nice and don’t scream like this You had a good thing going, it seems like a crime to give it up like that and leave it all behind Well I’m bad, I took a stab A slaughtered sacrifice was the only choice that I had We had nothing going for a long time Living it up like kings with too much rust to shine We’re making good time then we hurry up and wait Don’t kid yourself your two cents isn’t worth a dime to me Living in squalor, stretching every dollar, and we’re sitting at the edge of our seats The stain can’t be washed from the hurricane It just fades every now and then The pain won’t be numbed from the Novocain It just fades every now and then So I will sing Farewell and unfreeze hell without even knowing it Jukebox smash hits bid me well; it had a funny way of showing it And as we walk through the valley, we just couldn’t leave well enough alone We carried the torch walking closely with death to stop the beating of an undead horse Before we buried the scourge I took a closer step to hear the breathing of his final words “Put me down; put me back in the ground.
Kill me now; put me back in the ground.”
Track Name: False Profit
I think there’s been a mistake and I’m here to break it to you Some of the things I have said might have been slightly misconstrued You’ve been missing the point Don’t tell me what I came to do Well I hate to disappoint, but I stir it up like witch’s brew Fake! I’m not the one that you want We tend to lose control We drink until we see the sun “You poor, poor soul,”
Poor me? Pour me another one
See what I did there?
I’m all out of fucks to even care
It’s never been anyone other than “we”
Think what you want but that’s just me
Fake! I’m not the one that you want
I know to get where I want I’ll have to climb your stares But when I see the response I know I’m already there Basing opinions on a brief little spouting of words No time taken to discover their true meaning I’ve just been born to be a profit, a profit that makes no cents And when they think my hand took the capital, they’ll spend a lifetime looking for the “Finger Prince”
Twisting words to fit whatever you believe They’ll never take me alive I’ve been cursed with madness Absence without the peace of mind More like a piece of a my mind Good luck deciphering, be sure to tell me what you find And it seems that we phrase At the seams we have frays We are damned to be idols while dammed being idle
Track Name: Texas Toast
The stars at night were always bright deep in the heart of Pennsylvania Soon they’ll be gone and replaced by electric light Nobody read the disclaimer Go out tonight and it will end in a fist fight defending a lady’s honor It’s either get in line, or get left behind I can’t say that I’d blame you All of this and so much more can be yours They’ll make a big time city out of this small town Heed these words, what goes up must come back down They’ve seen it all before Skyscrapers and casinos by the grocery store There’s plenty more where that came from You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone Eviction notice and the rent goes up You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone Where did we go wrong?
I should be thanking you for favors?
Do me a favor and just get gone
Hey, we’ll put your heart back where it belongs Hey, we’ll put you right back where you belong I’ve seen these faces and heard of places that I probably shouldn’t go And they assure me my home is boring but it’s all I’ll ever know Fuck what you know and your advice I’m taking lessons from a man who hasn’t slept in seven nights I don’t know real food? Don’t know a good time?
Bar fights and whorehouses; sounds about right It takes one to know ten If you’ve seen one then you’ve seen all of your men It would be my privilege to pass the message If you don’t like it, then go the fuck home
Track Name: Homewrecker
Who am I kidding? This place is a prison and we’re all cell mates This place is no different from the one they hate I spend my nights scrubbing off the scents of the damned I count the years gone by for each line inside my hand I owe my life to this town and all the friends I’ve found What goes around doesn’t come around enough for the rest of you fucks Well yeah this place is grand…but god damn I know the secrets you won’t believe it Don’t let me catch you running your mouth again I hear the bigots you won’t believe it Don’t let me catch you running your mouth again It’s been a long time coming around We’ve been wronged time and time again I mean what year is it that you can think out loud and expect to not get hit in the mouth?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a violent man at all But you’d think that we’d be better and you’d think that we’d evolve Who am I kidding?
If you’re a product of your environment then I’m a victim of circumstance Seeking circumstantial evidence, I rest my case for consequence Just who am I?
Who am I kidding? What more can I say?
I’m so…
When will we wake up and finally catch up to the rest of the world?
Pack your things we’re going home
Pack your things I hear them now…
“Homewrecker! Homewrecker!
This was a beautiful place
Return its former grace!
Think you can do better Homewrecker?
I see the look on your face; you think you’re better than me?
Don’t turn your back on me…”
Track Name: Unoriginal Bastard
I am the martyr maker
Blessed and wretched to the bone
Declared Unoriginal Bastard by hypocrites who cast their stones I've been driving under the influence; too much whining, one too many peers I've been beaten and bound by coincidence while you try to reinvent the wheel I've been trapped with my hands behind my back Look away, this is no place for a lady Death before dishonor If it’s mine, I’m not sure Make this right; not in front of my family Death before dishonor Kill me for being honest I had hoped you’d cease and desist but you failed I’m not here to make peace; that ship has sailed We will carry on Alert the masses; burn the ashes; carry on
Track Name: High On Life
Order! This place is out of order!
Will someone stop the torture?
I’m wading through the murmurs and mountains of babble-on No more metaphors for the slick kids The cart-wheeling-roundhouse-kick kids I guess that “High on life” is some sick shit You’re going to overdose on back flips Order! I’d like to place an order!
They’re hiding in the corner, becoming an observer and they wanted to get down Prey on the youthful and guiltless Betray the faithful and helpless Prey on the youthful and guiltless Play on the fears of consequence We need light in the future and you’ve been blowing the candle out This life needs a suture and you’ve been pulling the stitches out I hear a lot of empty threats and I’m glad that you’ve been getting it out We need light in the future and you’ve been blowing the candle out The time has come for someone to put you in your place Now watch me fall from grace There’s no better man to get it done than me I’ll make you move like the ocean; make you part like the sea So hold your hands up high and let me hear you scream Go home or hold me up, it won’t change a thing Order! This place is out of order!
Will someone stop the torture?
I’m wading through the murmurs and the mountains of babble-on No more metaphors for the slick kids The mid-thirties-act-like-dick-kids Yeah “High on Life” is some sick shit But I’ll take a drink and real quick Well take a bandage, I’m pulling it off It won’t a moment from blowing me off Get me a drink…just to take the edge off Just pour me a drink or two We end up the same as you
Track Name: Love Letter From The Future
If you’re reading this then it’s already too late I had to go on; I had to set things straight I hope this note at your bedside won’t change your opinions of me I know it’s not what we planned, it shouldn’t happen yet But I had to leave; I couldn’t bear to see you upset Don’t think of it as goodbye Well if the last 30 minutes weren’t proof enough I have a death wish, know you were right all along But if you waited to read this you’d see that I’d proven you wrong I’m just a man and I’m sorry Betting it all with everything to lose I’m just a man and I’m sorry But our love won’t change what I have to do You’ll always be my immovable object and I’ll forever be your unstoppable force And for what we lack in physics, it’s our chemistry I’ve grown to adore It took me 7 years to finally figure out and it was just in time for it to turn to shit The collapse of my family and the messes I’ve made; you were with me for all of it It’s a hard pill to swallow; a tough act to follow and I’ll be the one to take the risk Don’t think of it as goodbye I spend these nights awake, not thinking what could have been I spend these nights awake, thinking of what will be This isn’t it for me I will leave you with this, on your pillow with a one-way kiss My only hope is that you see it through; you see it to the finish Kiss our boys for me tonight For at the end of my life When I’m face to face with the Lord I’m going to tell him, he better treat my baby right And when you make it to heaven, please save me a seat because I just sold my ticket Tell him it’s hard down below Living life as a river that’s destined to overflow I will swallow the world I will conquer them all Until it brings me back to you Sincerely yours, and always true