Kiss Of Death

from by The Teeth



Here I lay impatiently freezing, waiting for death to arrive And its days like these I could swear I have seen him glance at me, walk by and I cry “What are you searching for? What have you come here to do?”
Then I knew…it hits me
You wouldn’t believe me that caffeine just puts me to sleep But it stirs my dreams of death rattles and open water Wake up. Where do you think you can go?
I had it all and still I have nothing to show I keep my hand close to my chest, in defense and control I’ve been losing my breath but finding my head by learning things that can’t be taught or told Now I wash my hands of it, Sleepwalker, lead me to your “death”
Then he appears and that’s like him.
Just when you’ve figured it out. I shout Get back Keep your hands off of me There’s unfinished business that you’ll come to witness Not today, I’m dying in my sleep It’s my own to keep Believe it or not, I cleared the knot in my throat Say it isn’t so This voice is my own, the same one they’ve known and they hate me for proving them wrong Yet what you’ve become is no different than where you came from I never stopped believing that this life was worth leading Yet the way you’re perceiving me, with noses up and eyes looking down Smothered when I’m around Keep my name in your thoughts and out of your mouth I’ll be the first to say I did this to myself Here I lay patiently breathing finally feeling alive And its days like these I swear the music will kill me but without it I would have died Get back I feel the hands of death come up around my neck And before it goes black I feel the kiss of death and I kiss it right back


from Homewrecker, released August 14, 2012



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