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Be strong the night is young and the sun hasn’t set It’s my time and my patience are wearing thin Dead wrong in the end they’ll just move along High time, my time to shine is now There is a method in madness Up in their faces, I’m dodging bullets that are made of spit Harsh times have fallen on the gracious, remaining faceless I’ve got a hunger and it just won’t quit My heart works faster than my head and it can’t let my body stop My words forever in your head and they can’t let my body rot The more that I get old, the less I feel I’ve given up The more my words get cold, the more that the crowd starts warming up You better pray I find my way tonight Keep calm and stay home with the lights on You better pray I find my way tonight What started innocent to me, turned itself into a monster And tried to make a man out of me I’m old enough to know better but too young to care It seems fair, it seems fitting I swear by the dollars invested in me I’ve been working with nothing and still came out clean I’ll set the world on fire, make the cities brighter If that’s what they truly desire Have faith, I’ll find my way alright


from Homewrecker, released August 14, 2012



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